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Basic supplies

These are the basic supplies and ingredients that you are going to need to get started.  This is a general list!  Some of these things are not absolute necessities as stated, however, they can be very helpful to complete the process. 


Pork belly, pork loin, or pork shoulder/butt, depending on which style of bacon you are choosing to make

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Prague Powder #1

Also called cure #, Instacure #1, or pink curing salt #1

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Kosher salt is often recommended, but any non-iodized table salt will due. 


Any type of sugar will suffice.  White, brown, maple, etc.

Method of Smoking

You will need a smoking device whether it's a smoker, smoke tube, smoke tray, etc. There are many choices.
Jumbo Plastic Bags

Large 2.5 gallon bags are a great way to store your meat while curing. Double bagging is recommended to avoid leaks. Sometimes large tupperware is used instead. 

very helpful
Digital Scale

This item could be considered "necessary", especially if using what's called the EQ curing method.  A scale with a gram reading to the tenth or even hundredths works best. 

Cooling Rack

A cooling rack can be used on top of a large cookie sheet when the meat is placed in the refrigerator during different times in the curing process. This can help generate good airflow. 

Food Vacuum Sealer

Vacuum sealers are a great way to store your bacon, especially if you plan to freeze.  They can be used on a variety of different foods and can prolong the freshness of your product. 

Electric Meat Slicer

A sharp knife can work fine when cutting bacon, however, a nice meat slicer can make this task much easier. They come in a variety of different styles and price ranges. 

Additional Spices

After your basic ingredients of salt, sugar, and cure, you may want to add additional spices and ingredients to create new flavor profiles. (Be careful when adding additional salty ingredients, however. 

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